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Products and services we offer as as follow:

Sd-Wan - auto failover, bonding, intelligent routing, VNF (virtual network), firewall and application aware.
Connectivity - broadband, dedicated fiber, coax, microwave/wisp, 3G/4G/5G internet, satellite internet and circuit aggregation.
Managed wifi - internal network and guest network.
Security - firewall (prem/web), network security and assessment.
Remediation - circuit monitoring and trouble ticket creation.

Basic ucaas seat - voice, text/sms, video (zoom), web conferencing and colloboration (slack, gilb, ms team etc)
Add Ons - crm integration, accounting integration, ccaas integration, ivr, call recording and AI/sentiment.
Premise systems - prem as a service and sip trunks.

CCaaS solutions - ivr, analytics, performance management and dashboards.
Dialer - outbound dialer, preview, predictive dialer and progresssive dialer.
Workforce management
Quality management - AI/sentiment
CRM integrations
UCaaS integrations
PCI handling
HIPAA handling
Add ons - accounting integrations and call recording.

Identity - virtual ciso, cyber consulting, vulnerability assessment, penetration test, compliance, phishing simultation and awareness training.
Protect - managed firewall, web security, email security, endpoint protection, managed cloud FW, data protection, zero-trust framework, remote user VPN and patch management.
Detect - log management (SEIM), AI machine learning, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention and SOC as a service.
Respond - incedent response, containment/eradication/restore.

Connectivity - public cloud onramps, direct connects and express routes.
Computing - private cloud, public cloud, bare metal, collobration and orchestration.
Storage - cloud file storage, colocation, managed backup and disaster recovery.
Managed services - managed office 365, IT support, desktop as a service, cloud migration and professional services.
SAAS services - microsoft office and SAP.

Sensors - temperature, pressure, soil moisture and content video.
Reporting - geo-fence, detailed use, velocity/acceleration.

Mobility - handsets, ipads and devices.
Mobile network - detail reporting, device usage management, application filtering, detailed reporting and cyberreef solutions.
Expense management - wireline and mobility.
Physical security - video surveillence and access cards.
Surveys - aerial drones surveys and connexicore.
Answering services - ruby receptionists. 

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