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Security {anti virus, DRaaS, endpoint, cloud based/webapp firewall, incident response, database access management, penetration testing, compliance (GRC-HIPAA-PCI-GDPR), DOS mitigation, email filtering and encryption, url filtering, document management system, employee education, IoT security, Gap assessments, insider threat services, intrusion detection/intrusion prevention, SIEM - security information and event management, mobile device management, secure messaging and faxing, software perimeter, vulnerability management}
Voice {sip, pri service, pots, ucaas, long distance, premise pbx, toll free/resporg services}
Unified Communications {ucaas, web conferencing, texts (sms), web chat, collaboration tools, VX support line member, platform as a service, video conferencing}
International {mpls, ucaas, sd-wan, managed services, internet access, contact center, cloud services, colo}
Television {tv services}
Telecom expense management {wireline, broadband, voice, mobile}
Colocation {hybrid cloud, private cloud storage, data center relocation, private cloud server, rack/space/power, cloud connectivity/peering}
Cloud services {software as a service, cloud infrastructure, storage, replication, desktop, content delivery service}
IOT (internet of things) {3G, 4G, wifi, bluetooth, management platforms}
SD Wan {vpn capable, international, sd wan focused provider, resiliant broadband (with firewall or without firewall), mpls/broadand hybrid}
Mobility {phones, data plans (tablets, ipads etc), expense management, life cycle management, security}
Wide Area Network {virtual private network, vpn, ethernet local area network, mpls (layer3), ethernet virtual private line
Connectivity {dark fiber, ethernet over copper, wavelength services, fiber (express route to AWS, Azure), ethernet over coax, wireless broadband (fiber, dsl, cable), broadband aggregation, failover/backup services, fiber (dedicated internet access), wireless broadband (4G, satellite, wisp), T1NxT1}
Managed services {cloud migration, managed wifi, AWS administration, content filtering, IT support, azure administration, phone system support, network monitoring, business infrastructure services, G suite administration, managed firewall, multi cloud management, NOC services, office 365 administration }
Contact center {premise based solution, workforce management, data orchestration/UUI, assessments, performance management, IVR, cloud platforms, VDI/DaaS, business process outsourcing, crm integration, ACD/IVR core platform, implementation, PCI Solutions}

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